Raw puddings & a festival Horsebox,

serving pressed juices, matcha lattes & raw puds.

Neigh is all about lifestyle - about creating enriching products. From our sky-blue Neigh horsebox, and the waggy tail of Schubert the dog - who's usually found underneath; to our commitment using the finest quality natural foods that really do love your bod; it's all about happiness.


"Enjoy the journey," often ambled through my thoughts, as I raced that lesser known Tour De France leg along the Thames every morning at around 6.15am (occasionally copping an eyeful of stretched Lycra and the horrors beneith). It wasn't ironic. In pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, feeling a bit more connected to the world, and a real challenge; an office, a marathon, and salad for lunch didn't quite cut it anymore.

Serious problems were creeping into my world through my friends, my family and myself - mental health, physical health, chronic illness scares. The analyst inside always researches my way out of a problem. So, to Google!

After an age of information was sifted, via Google, through me, I began to piece together my answers. For me, everything lead back to lifestyle. (Oh, those hippy parents will be so smug!)

In a world where health is so hard to cling onto, the idea of pumping chemicals onto our fruit and sugar into our salads seems barbaric. Not to mention the damaging effects of too much processed food and refined carbohydrates; and a lack of genuinely exciting alternatives!

So Neigh is about something real. Its about flavour that is better than its processed counterpart; ingredients which benefit your body and mind; and providing an option which defends the integrity of snacking... virtuously.

When life gives you lemons... 

It hasn't been plain sailing. From spring 2014 we started grafting - my dad, my boyfriend and I - on a horsebox conversion that would allow me to legitimately escape another desk job. Just when it looked like we were unstoppable, it all came crumbling down and we had to turn to crowd-funding and the generosity of everyone we did - and didn't - know, to stay on track. (Click the vid for our 2 min story)


One whirlwind year on, and we have re-built Neigh (II), found and re-claimed Neigh I (the original horsebox) and been recognised by The Guild of Fine Foods with a Gold Star for our Raw Brownies.

"Make lemonade..." indeed.